Past contributors

Jack Boyle, Harvard University

Maryam Chaib de Mares, University of Groningen

Catherine Chen, former Editor-in-Chief, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Russ Corbett-Detig, University of California at Berkeley

Holly Elmore, EvoBites founder and former Editor-in-Chief, Harvard University

Nikki Forester, University of Pittsburgh

Phil Grayson, Harvard University

Tauana Junqueira Cunha, Harvard University

Mara Laslo, Harvard University

Emily Laub, former Editor-in-Chief, University of Michigan

Becky Povilus, Harvard University

Pavitra Murallidhar, Harvard University

Meagan Simmons, University of Michigan

Allison Shultz, Harvard University

Michelle St. John, University of California at Berekeley


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