Beer, snowflakes, and the origins of life

The craft beer movement gave rise to an immense diversity of brews. From porters and pale ales to dubels and dunkels, there is a seemingly infinite supply of tasty adult beverages to enjoy. Even within the ales, beer drinkers can choose among ambers, blondes, browns, coffees, and creams. Each of these brews is defined by … Continue reading Beer, snowflakes, and the origins of life


Lessons from the Urban Pigeon

There is an entire community of pigeon collectors living amongst us. They marvel at the diversity of plumage, color, and patterning that this single species displays. In fact, none other than Charles Darwin himself fancied the pigeon species. These pigeon enthusiasts understand that we can learn a lot from pigeon diversity. In a recent publication, … Continue reading Lessons from the Urban Pigeon

Man’s best friend– since when?

The dog is the only large carnivore that has been fully domesticated and one the few domesticated animals that was not kept primarily for food. Despite their widespread adoption into human cultures today, relatively little is known about the early events in the history of dog domestication. When and where did dogs originally become domesticated? Russ Corbett-Detig explains.