Catherine ChenCatherine Chen (Co-Editor-in-Chief) is an evolutionary biologist and behavioral ecologist who is a PhD student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She studies how behavior can explain patterns of species distribution and evolution using two species of spadefoot toads. When not rearing toad babies or making toad robots for her research, Catherine can be found at outreach and science communication events, hiking the mountains and coast of NC, or cooking up elaborate dishes.


Emily Laub (Co-Editor-in-Chief) is an evolutionary biologist and behavioral ecologist who is a PhD student at the University of Michigan. She studies social cognition, cooperation, and sexual selection using paper wasps.  Outside of the lab, she can be spotted at science outreach events, hiking, and gardening.



Meagan Simons (Multimedia Coordinator) is an evolutionary and behavioral biologist who is currently a PhD student in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan. She studies social behavior and it’s underlying neural mechanisms using Polistes paper wasps. When not working in the field or lab, Meagan can be found playing volleyball or ultimate frisbee, or petting stranger’s dogs.


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Michelle St. John (Managing Editor) is a Ph.D. Student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill who uses fish behavior to study evolution. She is currently studying the evolution of novelty–and how behavior contributed to it– in a group of Caribbean fish. When she is not watching fish or diligently writing, Michelle enjoys cooking, making hot sauce, and making robotic toys for her cats.

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Alexa White (Social Media Coordinator) is a doctoral student at the University of Michigan studying agroecology. Specifically, she investigates the biocontrol efficiency of Anolis lizards on coffee farms and their response to tropical hurricane damage in Mexico & Puerto Rico. Beyond academia, she also loves engaging in identity politics, attending concerts, and crossing cool places off of her international bucket list.

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Nikki Forrester (Editor) is a plant ecologist, evolutionary biologist, and science writer. As a PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh, she studies alfalfa plants and their bacterial mutualists. Outside of the lab, you can find her at science outreach events or playing in the West Virginia wilderness.

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Past contributors: EvoBites wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the efforts of founder Holly Elmore, and the many other graduate students who have previously written for it.


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